How to write a resignation? Advice and templates

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There may be many reasons for wanting to resign from your job. Whatever the reason, it is important to hand in a correct and professional resignation, ensuring a satisfactory conclusion for both you and your employer. 

Furthermore, there is no reason to have a guilty conscience or feel bad for wanting to quit your job. As long as you have kept to your responsibilities and the agreements between you and your boss, you are in your full right to terminate your current work and go explore new exciting possibilities. Your resignation will not be the first nor will it be the last your employer will ever receive. However, before you hand in your resignation, you have to make sure to have some formal bases covered. Which, you may ask?

It can be hard to know how to formulate a resignation letter. It is pivotal to have a respectful and professional tone while also being very clear in one’s writing. These steps ensure a show of respect and keep misunderstandings at bay. It may even, in fact, have the added benefit of your employer being amiable and wanting to write you a reference or be a part of your network, which would be a definite advantage in your future career. So, what exactly should you write in your resignation? Keep reading and we will tell you.

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Quitting your job: a written resignation in a cordial tone

We highly recommend that you always resign from your job in written form. Oftentimes an oral resignation will be valid. However, with a written resignation it is much easier to avoid misunderstandings and/or disagreement of whether you have actually handed in your resignation and whether it is timely and valid. 

In a written resignation, you must, therefore, make it absolutely clear that you are in fact resigning and create a timeframe for when this resignation is valid from. While this must be very concise, it is equally important to remember a cordial tone. There is no reason to slam the door behind you and burn your bridges. And even though you have no obligation to inform your employer of exactly why you are quitting your current position, it is amicable and professional to include a short paragraph of reasoning. It is all about the balance between a professional and personal cordial tone – and that can be tricky. 

Remember that your resignation first and foremost acts as a documentation for the fact that you have actually resigned from your position. As such, it is a good idea to ask your employer to confirm that he has received and accepted your resignation – in written form. 

There are different ways in which you can hand in a written resignation. We believe that the face-to-face approach is preferable, even though it can seem more intimidating than simply sending a mail. If you decide to hand in your resignation face-to-face, make sure to have two copies, one for your employer and one for you, and to have both copies signed by the both of you. As such, you ensure the validity of your resignation. 

Deadlines for your resignation

Let’s say that you have gotten a new job and, as such, must quit your old job. You probably have a date for when your new position will start. Therefore, you have to adapt your resignation in such a way that you ensure a smooth and sensible transition from one job to the other. Here, you have to pay attention to two deadlines: 1. giving sufficient notice and 2. handing in your notice within working hours

Ensuring that you give sufficient notice is often a legal requirement. Upon signing your contract, there will, in most cases, be a specific period of time in which you will have to work after handing in your notice. That is to say, if your contract stipulates, for example, a two-week notice or a three-month notice, you will have to work for those two-weeks or three-months after handing in your notice. So, if you hand in your notice on the 10’th of a given month, and you have a two-week notice, you will have your last day of work on the 24’th. 

This information should be accessible in your contract. Be sure to look through your contract before handing in your notice, so that you are legally in the right. This way, you can hand in your notice without any problems, miscommunications or disagreements. 

Furthermore, it is of utmost importance that you hand in your resignation a) within work hours and b) the last day of the working month, at the latest. Rules dictate that a resignation can only be seen as valid if it has been received within work hours. That is to say, that if you hand in your notice outside of work hours, it may not be legally valid. 

Template of resignation:

We have tried to create a template of resignation that you can use as a model and inspiration for your own. Look at this template as one of many ways in which one could formulate a resignation. In this template, we have focused on the balance between the cordial and the personal tone, ensuring a resignation given and received with good-naturedness. It is entirely up to you how you want to write your resignation. However, we do recommend that your resignation includes: 

logoYour full name

logoThe name and address of your workplace

logoYour official job title

logoThe date of your resignation

logoYour period of notice (two weeks/three months, for example)

logoThe reason behind your resignation

logoYour signature


Template of resignation: 


Date: 15.03.2020
Att: John Doe
John Doe’s Grocery Store
Bentsensgade 1
1234 Bentby

Dear John/Mr. Doe, 

I am hereby handing in my resignation as Junior Sales Assistant at John Doe’s Grocery Store per March, 14’th, 2020, effective from April, 30’th, 2020. 

I have received an offer for the position of Store Manager at Jack’s Sporting goods. After thorough considerations, I have decided to accept the offer. It is an exciting new possibility and a position I have worked towards.

The decision has not been easy to make. My time at John Doe’s Grocery Store has been a pleasure. Thank you for the support and the opportunities you have provided for me. I would also like to thank you and the rest of the team for creating a working climate that was a pleasure to walk into every morning. I will miss you all. 

If there is anything I can do to help with your transition in finding and training my replacement, please let me know. 




Bob Bobton,
4321 Christiansby
Tlf: 12 34 56 78


This is translated into English from our original Danish blog post. If you want to view it in Danish, here you go.